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Illuminated Peace is a collaborative work by Alana Lea and Neil Douglas-Klotz, offering a message the world is praying for:
Peace has been found in the Heart of the Middle East.

Click on each image above to find the corresponding Illuminated Peace Prayer with translations of the first passage of Genesis, the first surah of the Qur'an and the Aramaic Lord's Prayer.

The cover piece (seen below) is being shown in Israel at the Desert Generation exhibit at the
Jerusalem Artist's House, from June 5 -10, then at the Ha’Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.

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version of the cover image, that is being displayed at the Desert Generation exhibit.

What people say about the
Illuminated Peace eBook –

“If there was ever a perfect time for this book to Be, it is now. We need the beauty of its pages to nourish us in manifesting a peace that already is. We need this book to help heal the wounds of rigid dogmatic ideas about three great faiths with a deep and common root in the Middle East. May the one illuminating peace help us all.”

    ~Barbara Helen Berger

“This is a book of exquisite beauty and profound meaning. The  illuminated images bring greater vision to the illuminating words – filling the reader's heart with beauty and a recognition of the Divine.”

    ~Sharon G. Mijares, Ph.D.

Author of THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: An Exposition of Prejudice, Fundamentalism and Gender Imbalance

“Alana’s illustrations of Neil’s translations do exactly, in my opinion, what is needed to ground peace in communities in in conflict.”

    ~Joe Grabill
Professor Emeritus of History and Peace Studies,ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY

The Illuminated Peace eBook is now available

Illuminated Peace

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Gandhi Bhajan with Deobrat Mishra

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International Day of Peace - Unity Flags & Banners

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Gandhi's first Non-violent Action, the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace, the Affirm Unity Peace Art exhibit began a global journey as a display of prayer flags representing the field of Unity underlying all spiritual paths, that ultimately leads to the experience of Peace. CLICK HERE to see the full set of flags

***Download a Gandhi-Ahimsa-Satyagraha Unity Flag***

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

In 2005 Peace Through Art laid the groundwork for this exhibit by creating a series of fine art linen banners for the Peace Alliance Conference at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C., that have since been traveling a circuit of Peace events. These banners were also displayed during the televised conversation between Congressman Kucinich and Walter Cronkite at Reagan Center, Washington, D.C., as well as the Imagine Peace Festival in Amenia, New York; the Rachel Corrie Foundation Peaceworks Conference in Olympia, Washington; a Holly Near Peace Concert and the Spiritual Activism Conference in Seattle, Washington; the second People's Summit for Departments of Peace in Victoria and the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Affirm Unity” banner at the Peace Alliance Conference.

Peace Through Art interfaith art exhibits and events are sponsored by the nonprofit Shalem Center . While we now get inquires from other peace artists who would like to have their work shown here, this is not a public arts organization. Thank you for your interest, support and understanding. Thanks to Pyramis Company property management for their support through the years.

Please feel free to share your news, photos, videos and links to your work on the fully interactive Peace Portal.

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